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Voting on resolutions

Sunrise development, contrary to certain opinions has been a “done-deal,” I believe, since about day one. The train has long ago left the station.

I believe this because Guy Johnson, chairman of the Planning Commission who is also president of the Board, has of course been aware of this project from the beginning. He has obviously been promoting it under his leadership or it would not have got this far, on its own, if he were not strongly in favor of it.

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Sunrise is not guaranteeing a bright sunny day.

Assisted living --the small print

Like most insurance policies, assisted living agreements leave a lot in the small print.

The American Association of Retired Persons is recommending that a lawyer look over the small print before signing. Many states have not established any standards, but they'll be coming up.

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Power and Dominance

A straight-line motivation as unbending as a beam of steel holds within it no humility, no humanity and no sensitivity. It is merely a steel shaft.

Consistency like steel is without humanity and therefore evil. In its existence it is a form of abuse, especially as a power politically applied toward individuals or toward social groups.

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When a hearing is not a hearing.

When a hearing is not a hearing.

I shouldn't have been disappointed because I predicted that seven bobbing heads would come to a consensus and agree to go ahead with a house of cards, cards, cards.

Everyone involved was pretending that they knew what was going on and that everything would work out in the end, in the end, in the end.

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To know or not to know.

Political information

It is useful to some of us to know that, perhaps built into our human nature that most people are pretty much the same, much like what we are.

From a standpoint of consciousness, others are either as little informed as we are and often less informed on those subjects of our individual interests. It's always a delight to find someone less human in these characteristics, with great intellect, knowledge and the appropriate mixture.

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On the Sidewalks of Shorewood, Step 1.

Walking the sidewalks

Some of Shorewood's promotional money should go for its sidewalks. Our walkable sidewalks seem to be our “signature” tune. This advertising will pay off almost immediately in its reality.

Shorewood believes in good schools, good sidewalks and good community. Good sidewalks , in our business center and in our residential areas.

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Friendly sidewalks

Here on the streets where we live, we greet each other with a smile and a “hello”.

In this the walkable community of Shorewood, on the street where you live, we are going to encourage each other to smile and we will greet each other with a friendly “hello.”

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Sidewalks of Shorewood (Canopies): Step 3.


The main business district areas on Oakland and Capital may be better identified by the use of sidewalk canopies.

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The "walkable" community.

I don't know where the term “walkable community” came from and I'm not too sure as to its grammatical appropriateness.

I felt that there was something dumb about it, perhaps somewhat eccentric. But it seemed to have some appeal and some cultural essence. There seems to be a bit of comfort and security in its sense, a community where one could feel comfortable walking. And as long as it has had a hint of community, it became good enough for me.

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Who knows the force of the human mind?

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Village financing

I bumped into my UFO guy again and he told me that Village Hall has two purposes, one, to expand the tax base and two, to use that money to remove the snow from our sidewalks.

Then he left me to read my paper and drink my coffee and ponder his statement on my own.

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In parables.

My UFO friend's statement must be given careful thought. For in a sense, his speech is allegoric.

He really seems to speak in parables. His statement that Shorewood's “purpose in expanding its tax base is to attain money to remove the snow from our sidewalks” most be interpreted very carefully.

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Perennial candidates.

Joe Adam, virtual and now perennial candidate for Village Board is getting ready for another run for the next virtual election.

First of all, he and Eve Eden are planning to have a down-to-earth garden wedding later  this summer.

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Project reviews

After virtual conversations with virtual characters relating to Shorewood's future, I think that we should come up with some positive points to think about.

Of course, tax base is important and its expansion is a significant goal. But my contention is whether this objective should over-shadow everything else that is at least as important to our community.

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Wisdom in packages.

Thinking human beings have a tendency to question conventional wisdom.

In a sense that's what learning is all about. Good schools are those where students are strongly advised to question what those who came before thought, as well as question the thoughts of their contemporaries.

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Points and point-of-pview.

I arose yesterday and this morning in time to see the sun come up at the horizon, “right at the curvature of the earth,” I remind myself.

What wonderfully modifying paintings of many fantastic colors on the canvas that is sky and lake.

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Human intellect, I suppose as all creature and plant intellect, was meant as an extended sensing device to coordinate all of our senses, meant for coping with our closest environment.

Ours went far beyond coping with environment but even to modifying it. Other species also have an ability to modify. Our ability to intellectualize improved to the point where we even dream of new environments.

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Wisdom as a concept

This is a term usually used to give substantiality to fallacious political practicalities

Let's try to understand the term wisdom itself first of all. It is more than just information or even the store of information. Wisdom is at least a form of knowledge and the dynamic understanding of how to use that knowledge.

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Dying cultures.

As human beings, creatures of nature, we moved from our earliest conditions, of stone-hurling cultures, toward instrument makers, a more distant activity from that for which we were “designed.”

As we distanced ourselves from those early primative conditions, we moved further into various levels of artificiality, perhaps in everything we do today.

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Inadeqate elections.

I'm thankful for being allowed this space to introduce myself again. I'm Joe E. Adam, the virtual opposition candidate (a fictional character) running for virtual offices in Shorewood.

I've been looking at the April 1st ballot, and find that few candidates are competing for the 18 seats that are up. Only 3 of those running have anyone in opposition, or competing for their seats. Fifteen (15) offices will go unopposed, in other words, a form of self-appointment to office. Or is this an ordination?

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Liar Paradox

This expression has been used by quite a few in many ways.

Perhaps the phrase that  “no man is an island,” because of its implied poetic wisdom, attracts us as to its possible truth. In recent days and weeks, we have seen a number of public figures who are islands to themselves as well as to the rest of us.

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Are we alone?

Alone in the universe?

When astro-biologists ask the question, it relates to humanoids on other planets. When the elderly in Shorewood ask, it means, does anyone care?

What if one were alone in the universe, on an empty planet as Adam was with no one to cry out to and no one to care? Imagine the loneliness that Adam felt. He was so lonely that he was willing to give up a rib so that God could create a friend.

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Community privatization.

Community on the decline.

Many small communities that formerly hired their workers to repair their roads and do the work that was required of communities have tended toward private contractors for these services.

This movement toward privatization has been increased to the point that now private development firms are being subsidized and encouraged to develop in these communities because of the resulting property tax increase potential.

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I don't believe it's going to work.

Suburban redevelopment.

Unlike small towns of the past that attracted tradesmen to provide services to the surrounding country folk and where manufacturing became part of the economic base of these communities, suburbs are instead an urban phenomena.

They serve primarily to accommodate population growth of the city and those who have the means to build new homes, and today in Shorewood, for those who would upgrade existing ones, or buy condos and who can afford the daily trips to and from the city center or place of work.

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Who would you guess?

Unopposed candidates.

Joe Adam says “that we are going to have an election on 'all fools day' and perhaps all elections should appropriately take on that significance.”

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Elderly in our society.

Sexism, racism and ageism, are they culturally ingrained?

1. Sexism means that males are to be afforded higher dignity and shown greater preference over females.

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