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Happening Now at the North Shore Library

Find out what is happening at the North Shore Library. Keep up with all of the upcoming programs and events here at the library. Also, get the updates on the latest and hottest books and movies to be added to the library’s collection.

Tuesdyay Movie Fest

Tuesday Movie Fest

At the North Shore Library

July, 29th 6 p.m.

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Tuesday Movie Fest

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Tuesday Fest

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Tuesday Movie Fest

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Craig Seimsen @ the North Shore Library

North Shore Library

Saturday, June 28th 1 p.m.


Craig Seimsen

Over the Rainbow

Songs of the 1930’s – 1960’s

Featuring popular songs and stories from the 1930′s through the 1960‘s, Craig treats you to a fun and engaging show of good memories and laughter! Craig’s whimsical story telling and wit, will have you laughing and toe tapping during this memorable performance.

Free and open to the Public



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