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Thank goodness I’m not a cat. Curiosity is the spice of my days. My other favorite spice is humor.

We’ve had a lot of company this summer, and from my freezer’s appearance, no one would ever guess that it’s well organized! So a couple of times guests have rearranged the freezer to make their own additions fit.

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It’s that kind of summer, maybe that kind of life we all live in the 21st Century. In any event, I didn’t have time to finish my last blog, CURIOSITY KILLS CATS, about the twists, turns, and quirks that animate my days. Don’t have time now to finish, though I’ll add to it. Anyway it’s the type of blog that has no end.

As a grower of vegetables, I consider rabbits my enemy, especially since one of them ate most of my string bean crop two years ago. Yesterday morning I looked out the window and saw a rabbit. I was ready to run outside to chase him away. Then he glanced around to make sure no one was watching, and he snuck into my garden. He nibbled, stopped, nibbled again, not on my arugula, not on my cherry tomatoes, he nibbled on something unwanted that had sprung up on its own. He was weeding my garden for me!

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