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National Public Health Week

April 5-11, 2010 has been designated as National Public Health Week.  The goal of Public Health Week is to create "A Healthier America:  One Community at a Time".  All Americans are encouraged to do what they can to make America the "healthiest nation in one generation".

Take just a moment to appreciate all that Public Health does for everyone on a daily basis.  Americans enjoy clean air, clean water, immunizations, communicable disease control, restaurant inspections, tobacco control to name just some of the issues addressed by Public Health officials.

Public Health is not something to be taken for granted and it is up to all Americans to promote good  health in their communities.  Work with your friends and public officials to create access to clean and safe parks, safe routes to school so children can walk, creation of bike and walking trails, ready access to fresh fruits and vegetables either through community gardens or farmers markets.  All of these initiatives promote improved health.

And, don't forget, Americans as individuals can encourage good health by example.  Engage in healthy family activity and invite your friends (Turn off the TV!).  Eat more fruits and vegetables (French fries don't count!).  Maintain a healthy weight and don't use tobacco products.  Take advantage of immunization opportunities to protect yourself and the community from communicable disease.

Step-by-step and bit-by-bit, we can all contribute to a healthier America and accomplish it sooner rather than later.  Visit the following website to learn more about National Public Health Week:

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